Aimex has long been known as a brand that was committed to giving consumers a better way to enjoy drinking their water. The Aimex brand started out on the bottled water scene as a company that made water in bottles, which eventually evolved into a line of products that included shower head filters. As their name implied, these products are designed to eliminate chlorine and other chemicals from the water.

The Aimex dispenser line also has other products that make it a more comprehensive choice than just a water filter dispenser. These include a filter cartridge system, the Aimex water filter dispenser 16L, a bonus, and the Aimex filter cartridge dispenser.

The dispenser line of products includes a water purifier that works well for people who have an allergy or intolerance to certain chemicals found in tap water. These people may need to avoid drinking any water that contains this type of ingredient. A water purification system is available in the dispenser line that works by taking out all the chemical contaminants from the water. This allows a person to drink pure, clean, healthy water without having to worry about the possible side effects caused by ingesting something in the water.

The Aimex water dispenser line also includes an infrared

The Aimex water dispenser line also includes an infrared activated carbon filter cartridge. The water comes out of this filter cartridge clean and clear, but the carbon block gets heated up after it passes through the filter to activate the carbon. The carbon is then drawn into the unit itself. This allows the filtered water to be distributed throughout the entire house. The heat also keeps the water cold enough so it doesn’t freeze in the middle of the night.

Bioceramic infrared balls are also available in the dispenser line that works to help keep the water at a gentle alkaline level. Bioceramic infrared balls work by attracting the harmful chlorine and other chemicals in the water and making sure that they’re not absorbed into the body. Bioceramic infrared balls also work to ensure the water is kept cold enough. so that the body doesn’t need to use hot water to stay warm during the winter months. Bioceramic infrared balls are a great way to keep your water clean and fresh and free of contaminants.

The Aimex Water Filter Dispenser line of products has become very popular over the years, because of their ability to deliver high quality filtered water that works to get rid of toxins from the drinking water. There are several different brands of Aimex water dispensers out there, and the different products will work with different types of water.